The 10 finest ways to forget the time

A grand hotel is a place where time seems to stand still. Here is the definitive list of experiences you should not miss during your stay at the Zermatterhof.


Decadently long breakfasts

Just sit and have breakfast. What could be more simple? Take the time to read your entire newspaper in leisure, and once you've had your first coffee, perhaps follow it with a cup of tea. You will be amazed at how relaxing a long breakfast can be. And just before you finish breakfast, you absolutely must try one of those sweet pastries that escaped your attention.

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Matterhorn Museum

Look up Facebook from 1900

There was already a kind of Facebook or TripAdvisor at the time the first guests started visiting Zermatt. The old guest books from that time recount a lot about the experiences and everyday life of tourists at a time when tourism had just started to emerge. You can find these books in our Zermatlantis Museum, which is located directly in front of the hotel. You will need some patience to read the old handwriting, and we would be happy to lend you a magnifying glass.

Swimming Pool

Relax to the max

Today, it is hard to be enticed by even the most wonderful fitness and spa areas – and ours are truly fabulous. Visits to the gym and the spa may perhaps also have become a part of your regular leisure activities. The difference here is that you have time. There is no stress to get out of the steam bath and rush off to the next meeting. Try out how wonderful a visit to the spa can be when it is not part of a daily schedule squeezed in between meetings.

Alpine Spa Vita Borni

Hot chocolate and adventure

Reading for pleasure is a slow process. But following a story word-for-word, sentence-for-sentence in a book is always better than watching the film – particularly in front of the fireplace in the How Do You Do Bar with a cup of aromatic, home-made hot chocolate. Let yourself be carried away into the world of the story you just read about.

How do you do? Bar

Mountain Paparazzi

From the Grand Hotel you have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. With binoculars you can even make animal sightings right from your room. But what is even more fascinating is to follow the rapid changes in weather in the mountains. And if the Bahnhofstrasse should happen to pop into your field of vision – accidentally, of course – you might find that of some interest too.

Lusi Brasserie & Lounge

Smoke and mirrors

… because there is no finer way to while away a little time alone or with like-minded people than with a cigar – whether this be in the form of a "smoky afternoon" or as an "after burner" together with a cognac following dinner. We keep an exquisite selection of superb cigars in our humidor, and for beginners we provide an introduction with tips and tricks. The smoker's lounge in the Stars Bar is open the whole day.

Smokers Lounge
Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni

Italian-style drinks and canapés

Italy starts right behind the Matterhorn. This is perhaps why there is also a great tradition in Zermatt of having drinks and canapés. White wine from the Valais before lunch, all Italian in the bar before dinner. The canapés are ready to be enjoyed with Spritz and Campari, and you are warmly invited to pass time with these before dinner. Whether in the cosy lobby or on the terrace, this will provide another opportunity for a chat.


Whet your appetite

At the Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni restaurant, we will be paying homage to this wonderful diversity of regional produce. The chef and kitchen team in the Prato Borni have big plans. With their "alpine gourmet" concept, they use local products from the Valais region in innovative ways. When it comes to good food and drink, the Valais is without doubt the richest and most blessed region in Switzerland. From the highest peaks of the Alps down into the Rhône Valley and then on to Lake Geneva, right across the region an incomparable diversity of products is able to grow and flourish.



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