Activities in Zermatt


Recommendations from the hotel directors

You can go skiing in Zermatt any time of year. But there is so much more to discover. Here are a few insider tips. Some traditional, some unconventional, but always with the aim of providing a unique experience. And a few old familiar favourites, too, because those things can also make us happy.

old house

A shopping excursion

The shops on Bahnhofstrasse in Zermatt offer a variety of international brands, everything from sparkling jewels to functional sports equipment, as well as Swiss chocolate and typical Zermatt souvenirs. After all, wouldn't your friends and family at home enjoy a small gift from your trip?

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A walking tour through the village

The old village of Zermatt begins just beside the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. The houses, barns and granaries are immersed in history. With our detailed guide of the tour (approx. 1.5 hours), you can discover Zermatt at your own pace.

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Air Zermatt

A trip back in time

In 1865, the first ascent of the Matterhorn captivated the imagination of the world. Triumph, tragedy and the start of Zermatt's transformation from a small mountain village to an internationally renowned holiday destination. You can learn more about this historical event at the Matterhorn Museum Zermatlantis.

Matterhorn Museum Zermatlantis
Matterhorn in summer

Clay pigeon shooting

You will shoot using a real Fausti shotgun, albeit one that has been converted to infrared technology, making it completely safe. The reusable clay pigeons are equipped with receptors and are fired from high-quality traps.

Different games for beginners and experts

Up in the sky high above Zermatt

A sightseeing flight over the majestic Matterhorn and the other magnificent peaks in the Valais Alps is an unforgettable experience. Especially when you can also take in breathtaking views of rugged glaciers. Air Zermatt also flies special routes on request.

Air Zermatt sightseeing flight

Eye to eye with the Matterhorn

From the Gornergrat, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of 29 peaks that are all at least 4000 metres above sea level, including the Matterhorn, the mountain of mountains! In short: the Gornergrat is a place that you have to experience at least once in your life – or, even better, a few times a year!

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Sunrise at Gornergrat

That magic moment when the sun kisses the Matterhorn's peak is incomparable: shades of ultra-violet and blue metamorphose to gold and fiery reds until the mountain is totally illuminated by the sun. This sunrise must surely be on everyone's bucket list and will be an unforgettable memory.

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Summer’s days in the mountains

There are plenty of ways of expending energy in the fresh, clean Zermatt mountain air: hiking (400 km of paths), climbing and mountaineering (easy via ferrata and 38 four-thousanders), mountain biking (100 km of trails), skiing (Europe's highest all-year-round skiing region) or playing golf (9-hole course) – but there is also the option of doing nothing, and simply enjoying summer in the Zermatt mountains from the terrace at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof.

The Gorge

Gorner gorge

A summer visit to the Gorner gorge is guaranteed to be an unforgettable trip for the whole family. Excursions with mountain guides offer the best possible experience. Our insider tip: if you are planning to head to the gorge from mid-September onwards, you will be able to see the gorge in the best light conditions and gaze in awe at the magical blue water.

The Matterhorn

Mystical, majestic

The Matterhorn: no one can escape its fascination. Standing alone on the horizon, a magnet for alpinists, mountain with ideal proportions. Rugged rock with magical light. Playing in a sea of clouds and horizontal colouring. On 14 July 1865, climbers stood on the summit of the Matterhorn for the first time in history. Seeing enough of the Matterhorn? Not possible!

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Ice stock sport

Ice stock sport, also known as Bavarian curling, is similar to curling, but has its own unique rules and, most importantly, a long history as a local pastime in areas where the rivers and lakes freeze in the winter. There are team competitions as well as distance and target competitions. No matter how you play, one thing is certain ice stock sport is fun! (And curling too, of course.)

Without skis

Winter pastimes

The Zermatt skiing area is Europe's highest skiing region, with more than 360 kilometres of stunning pistes in both Switzerland and Italy. Lifts go up as far as the Klein Matterhorn, at 3,883 metres above sea level. Lovers of the snow can enjoy the area even without skis, as this sun-drenched mountain region offers plenty of magnificent views and even more mountain restaurants with glorious sun terraces.